Integrative Therapy

What is integrative Therapy?

As an Integrative therapist, I use a combination of several approaches. I take the view that there is no single approach that can treat you as an individual in all situations. Each person has different needs, I look at you the person as a whole, and use counseling techniques that are tailored to your individual needs and personal circumstances.

I believe that there are many ways in which human psychology can be explored and understood and no one theory holds the answer. All theories are considered to have value, hence the need to integrate them.

Essentially as an integrative counselor, I am not only concerned with what works, but why it will work for you, so I tailor therapy to suit your needs, lifestyle and personality.


Consultation £55

Face to face counselling | 50 minutes | £55

Video calling counselling | 50 minutes | £55.

What is the aim of integrative therapy?

Integrative counseling aims to promote healing and treats you as a whole- ensuring that all levels of you (mental, physical and emotional ) are enhanced so you reach your full potential. Together we look at every aspect of your life.

Exploring this, integrative therapy helps to create a healthy mind and body – empowering you to start setting goals and practicing new behaviors that will enable you to move beyond your limitations and discover greater life satisfaction.

How does integrative therapy work?

Each approach I use offers an explanation and insight into human behavior, as well as an understanding of key factors that will result in changes to behavior. These can be reinforced when integrated with different types of therapy. Helping you to explore and recognize patterns of your behavior that needs to be addressed.

Benefits of integrative therapy

The advantage of integrative counseling is its focus on you the whole person as an individual. The combination of therapies means therapy can be tailored to a variety of your needs and concerns. It can be particularly beneficial for you if you want to overcome negative patterns of behavior caused by anxieties, fears, phobias, or any other health issues that are affecting your life quality (i.e. addictions, depression, past and current trauma, bereavement, and low self-esteem

My approach to therapy is a relaxed Informal atmosphere in comfortable surroundings, where we can discuss and get to know what your expectations and goals are for your future wellbeing. In a non-judgemental, professional, and confidential environment.