Privacy Policy


Your privacy is taken seriously, all therapy and handling of data that you provide to me is held in accordance with current data protection regulations.

I am ICO registered.

The following explains how I collect and store your  information. 

Information that you provide to me 

At the start of  therapy,  I ask you to  complete  an intake form,  this form  provides basic minimal information about  yourself,  my computer is password  protected and emails are transported via an  encrypted connection.   only I have access to my emails.

Data storage

The intake  forms   are  then printed and kept in a locked filing  cabinet in my office, I then delete the email you sent to me. 

Only I have the key code to access to my office and filling  cabinet .

On the  reverse  side of the intake form I note the dates you attend therapy with me,  anything discussed  in therapy is confidential and nothing is ever  written  in notes.

I am required by my insurance company to keep this data for 7  years,  after this time it is shredded.


Every 4 weeks I am required by my governing body to attend supervision, this is to ensure I am working ethically,  effectively  and  adhering  to  professional  standards and  guidelines. 

If your case is discussed no names are ever shared and you will not be identifiable.

Harm to  yourself  or others.

If during our sessions it becomes evident that you may be at risk of  harm,  I may with your consent contact an  appropriate  professional to get you further support.

If you disclose to  me,  you intend to harm yourself or others it is my legal obligation to inform the  relevant  authorities, in this case I do not require your consent.

My  Therapeutic  will.

In the event of my death or  incapacitation  while we are working together, my executor- (fellow registered  professional) – will be given  access  to my  information  and you will be contacted by them and signposted to an alternative  professional  or service.

Your rights

Your rights  are protected  under the GDPR Legislation.